1. Only map notes with a legend parameter are featured in the legend. The rest is omitted!
  2. A legend entry consists of two parts:
    1. The category of the legend and
    2. the actual name of the entry

    The two parts are separated by ## or ::

    1. Services::Bank of Orgrimmar
    2. Profession Trainer##Fishing

    The category comes first - followed by the entry name.

  3. There are no predefined categories or entry types. They simply spring to life when you use them.
  4. There are two kinds of legend entries:
    1. Indexed entries

      These are useful when the note stands for something generic.

      1. Services##Bank
      2. Profession Trainer##Fishing

      Indexed entries are separated by ##

      Indexed entries are presented as numbers even if there's no duplicate in the legend!

    2. Named entries

      These are useful when the note stands for a unique place or creature.

      1. Services::Bank of Orgrimmar
      2. Profession Trainer::Arnold Leland

      Named entries are separated by ::

      Named entries are treated like indexed entries if there's a duplicate in the legend.

  5. A legend category may have both - indexed and named - entries. Indexed entries are listed first.
  6. Any map note may have more than one entry in the legend. Make use of this feature liberally!
    1. Services::Bank of Orgrimmar;;Services##Bank
    2. Profession Trainer##Fishing;;People::Arnold Leland

    Multiple entries are separated by ;;

    The order does not matter and the entries do not need to be in the same category.

The wikicode for the template and map below was generated by my bot and could do with quite a bit of hand-optimizing. Some entries have the wrong icon to begin with. "Spiritfury Reagents" e.g. should have had the Reagent icon instead of the Blip. The two Taxi entries should be split into two named entries each. The note with the Cross icon shouln't be a named entry in the Locations category, but have four indexed entries in the Tracking and Services categories instead. And so on...

{{Zone Map|zone=Orgrimmar|notes=
{{Zone Map Note|53.8|82.0||Orgrimmar General Store
|Location::Orgrimmar General Store
{{Zone Map Note|53.6|78.8|Inn|The Broken Tusk
|Services##Inn;;Services::The Broken Tusk
{{Zone Map Note|54.2|73.6|Auctioneer|The Auction House
|Tracking##Auctioneer;;Tracking::The Auction House
{{Zone Map Note|44.6|78.6||Naros' Armory
|Location::Naros' Armory
{{Zone Map Note|49.0|83.6|Banker|Bank of Orgrimmar
|Services##Banker;;Services::Bank of Orgrimmar
{{Zone Map Note|48.6|72.8||Grommash Hold
|Location::Grommash Hold
{{Zone Map Note|50.8|73.4||Stranglethorn Imported Fruit & Spirits
|Location::Stranglethorn Imported Fruit & Spirits
{{Zone Map Note|50.8|72.8||The Chophouse
|Location::The Chophouse
{{Zone Map Note|50.6|70.0||Spiritfury Reagents
|Location::Spiritfury Reagents
{{Zone Map Note|48.6|76.2|Tabard|Guild Services
|Services##Guild Services
{{Zone Map Note|46.4|73.2||The Shattered Axe
|Location::The Shattered Axe
{{Zone Map Note|40.8|80.6|StableMaster|Bezzil
{{Zone Map Note|39.8|81.8|Inn|Tinza Silvermug
|Services##Inn;;Services::Tinza Silvermug
{{Zone Map Note|38.8|78.0|Banker|Banker - Zerit
|Services##Banker;;Services::Banker - Zerit
{{Zone Map Note|37.6|78.0|Auctioneer|Auctioneer Fenk
|Tracking##Auctioneer;;Tracking::Auctioneer Fenk
{{Zone Map Note|35.6|69.2|White|Blasted Lands portal
|Portal##Transit;;Portal::Blasted Lands portal
{{Zone Map Note|32.6|64.8|Cross|Stable Master, Innkeeper, Auctioneer, and Banker
|Location::Stable Master, Innkeeper, Auctioneer, and Banker
{{Zone Map Note|38.6|72.8|POI46|Hall of Legends - Quartermasters
|Faction##Alliance;;Faction::Hall of Legends - Quartermasters
{{Zone Map Note|40.8|60.8|Barber|Barber
{{Zone Map Note|41.6|48.6|Auctioneer|Auction House
|Tracking##Auctioneer;;Tracking::Auction House
{{Zone Map Note|39.2|48.4|Inn|Miwana's Longhouse
|Services##Inn;;Services::Miwana's Longhouse
{{Zone Map Note|40.0|46.6|Banker|Banker - Tatepi
|Services##Banker;;Services::Banker - Tatepi
{{Zone Map Note|41.6|44.2||General Goods & Trade Supplies
|Location::General Goods & Trade Supplies
{{Zone Map Note|60.6|59.0||Magar's Cloth Goods
|Location::Magar's Cloth Goods
{{Zone Map Note|61.0|54.6||Kodohide Leatherworkers
|Location::Kodohide Leatherworkers
{{Zone Map Note|58.0|48.0||Droffers and Son Salvage
|Location::Droffers and Son Salvage
{{Zone Map Note|55.6|46.6||Yelmak's Alchemy and Potions
|Location::Yelmak's Alchemy and Potions
{{Zone Map Note|53.4|49.4|Diamond|Arcane Reforger - Farendin
|Point of Interest::Arcane Reforger - Farendin
{{Zone Map Note|56.8|56.4||Nogg's Machine Shop
|Location::Nogg's Machine Shop
{{Zone Map Note|58.0|57.6||Orgrimmar Orphanage
|Location::Orgrimmar Orphanage
{{Zone Map Note|57.8|61.6||Gotri's Traveling Gear
|Location::Gotri's Traveling Gear
{{Zone Map Note|56.2|61.6||Borstan's Firepit
|Location::Borstan's Firepit
{{Zone Map Note|55.2|55.8||The Mighty Pen
|Location::The Mighty Pen
{{Zone Map Note|54.8|50.6||The Arboretum
|Location::The Arboretum
{{Zone Map Note|67.8|52.0|Banker|Orgrimmar Counting House
|Services##Banker;;Services::Orgrimmar Counting House
{{Zone Map Note|70.6|49.2|Inn|The Wyvern's Tail
|Services##Inn;;Services::The Wyvern's Tail
{{Zone Map Note|73.6|45.6|BattleMaster|Hall of the Brave
|Tracking##BattleMaster;;Tracking::Hall of the Brave
{{Zone Map Note|72.4|35.0||Red Canyon Mining and Jewelcrafting
|Location::Red Canyon Mining and Jewelcrafting
{{Zone Map Note|75.6|34.6||The Burning Anvil
|Location::The Burning Anvil
{{Zone Map Note|63.8|32.8|StableMaster|Hunter's Hall
|Tracking##StableMaster;;Tracking::Hunter's Hall
{{Zone Map Note|66.6|37.0|Auctioneer|Trader's Hall
|Tracking##Auctioneer;;Tracking::Trader's Hall
{{Zone Map Note|66.6|41.6||Lumak's Fishing
|Location::Lumak's Fishing
{{Zone Map Note|50.6|37.8|White|Cataclysm zones, Tol Barad
|Portal##Transit;;Portal::Cataclysm zones, Tol Barad
{{Zone Map Note|49.8|58.6|Vendor|Darkspear, Bilgewater, and Orgrimmar Quartermasters
|Services##Vendor;;Services::Darkspear, Bilgewater, and Orgrimmar Quartermasters
{{Zone Map Note|52.6|52.8|Taxi|Stranglethorn Vale/Tirisfal Glades Zeppelin
|Services##Taxi;;Services::Stranglethorn Vale/Tirisfal Glades Zeppelin
{{Zone Map Note|43.2|64.6|Taxi|Thunder Bluff/Borean Tundra Zeppelin
|Services##Taxi;;Services::Thunder Bluff/Borean Tundra Zeppelin